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Conveniently Located in the Heart of Texas

October Hill Farm is located in Hudson Oaks, Texas, 25 miles west of Fort Worth and just a one-hour drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The DFW Airport is one of the busiest in the United States, with nearly twenty major airlines serving over 150,000 passengers to over 190 global destinations every year. Known for our strong economy, western culture and heritage, and our Texas hospitality, Fort Worth, or “Cowtown,” and its surrounding communities offer a vibrant and dynamic experience to visitors.

Rolling Fields and Room to Grow

October Hill Farm is situated on over 200 acres of sandy loam hillsides overlooking the Clear Fork of the Trinity River. The heavily wooded river bed serves as a lovely backdrop to our pastoral meadows, where, along with our horses, you may spot whitetail deer, bobcats, native birds, and other wildlife. Spacious paddocks, shaded by aged oak, pecan and bois d’arc trees, surround our centrally located barns and service buildings. Within these expansive, grassy enclosures, the needs of our young and developing horses are well-met.

Training Barn
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The fifteen stall Training Barn is the main hub of activity at October Hill Farm. Custom-designed by BarnMaster, Inc., it is the perfect low-maintenance, warm-climate structure for a busy showing and training stable. The open work areas, wide, breezy aisles, and specially designed exterior stall grates provide the horses with superb ventilation. Wash stalls have on-demand hot water delivery systems and clients have their own private lockers in which to store their equipment.

Red Barn
Red Barn #1

A short step from the Training Barn, the Red Barn is one of the farm’s original structures.  A recent makeover has turned it into our secondary training barn with beautiful stabling for 8 horses, a tack room for clients and ample cross tie space.

Stallion & Breeding Barn
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This spacious 10,000 square foot building features two wings joined by a generously-sized stallion collection and processing lab. Our busy breeding stallions enjoy one entire wing in airy, comfortable accommodations that are quite fitting to their notable residents. The broodmares enjoy 16′ x 24′ stalls in their own wing, with large attached outdoor runs, providing ample space for rambunctious foals. This barn, designed for warm-weather, takes advantage of the breeze with numerous cross aisles to keep the fresh air moving. Located in the front of the building is the Exhibition paddock, where interested mare owners can get to know their favorite farm stallion a little better!

Processing Lab and Farm Office

Located within the Stallion and Breeding Barn, our well-equipped lab facilities and main farm office are often the first stop for farm visitors. Processing of semen collections for shipment is completed on site by highly-qualified veterinarians.

North Barn
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Stabling is also found within the North Barn, a twenty-stall shed row structure designed and built by BarnMaster. The North Barn is perfect for special events and overflow stabling and features 10′ x 10′ solid wall stalls with grate fronts, automatic waterers and two wash stalls with on-demand hot water systems.

Indoor Arena

The soaring heights of the cupolas on this unique and massive arena lend a scale that make this building the crowing jewel of October Hill Farm. Inside is a 120′ x 240′ riding space that is made only more impressive by the state-of-the-art artificial surface installed by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces. All four sides of the arena are completed with retracting overhead doors fitted with translucent panels. The upper roof gable has mechanically-controlled crank-out windows to encourage air circulation. And on the hottest and most humid Texas summer days, a flip of a switch will start the huge exhaust fans at either end of the arena. When weather conditions deteriorate, we simply pull down the doors, never losing a minute of work.

Hitchcock Style Free Jumping Pen

This oval pen provides an efficient spot to free-jump our young prospects and is a favorite place for buyers to evaluate future equine partners! If your goal is to find an unstarted youngster with aptitude and potential, this great venue provides a viewing platform from which to procure your next champion.

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All of our pastures, fourteen in all, are fenced with five foot tall wood plank fencing with no shared fence lines between enclosures. We believe this fencing provides the safest, as well as the most aesthetic, barriers for our horses. Boarding clients are able to enjoy the beautiful Texas countryside on their trail ride outings to the river and beyond.