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See what our graduates are up to, and the great strides they’ve made

October Hill Farm does not just breed horses, we make equine athletes! After producing over 100 foals in over a decade of operation, we are proud to hold up many examples of top and emerging athletes that our program has developed. You can find them competing in dressage, in eventing, in the hunter ring and in the jumpers, with professional and amateurs, kids and adults, at venues across the United States and beyond.

The list of accomplished horses who started their lives at our farm, or who made a brief stop with us along their career paths, grows every season. Part of our job is to keep track of this growing list and stay in touch with our clients, who provide us feedback, information we thoughtfully consider in making future breeding decisions.

Spend some time learning more about the Super Stars shown here, then visit our Sales pages to see if your own future Super Star is waiting for you at October Hill!


Coco Chanel

Date of Birth: 2012
Breed: Zweibrucker
Pedigree: Coconut Grove / Mezcalero / Amaretto D II

Comments: Coco Chanel OHF was the highest scoring filly of the RPSI 2012 Inspection Tour from among hundreds of foals presented.  This is especially fun for us as this foal carries a pedigree with direct lines to several October Hill Farm stallions.

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London Calling OHF

Date of Birth: 2005
Breed: Holsteiner
Pedigree: Lordship / Linaro / Latino

Comments: Owner Brittany Whiting bought London Calling as a prospect off of a video. This talented horse is now winning and placing in events all over California with top trainer Tamra Smith and her daughter Kaylawna, who took him to the CIC* level in 2014.  Keep an eye out for this OHF Superstar.

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Date of Birth: 2006
Breed: Zweibrucker
Pedigree: Ocordo/ Coriano/ Capitol I

Comments: Oley OHS competes in the national jumper divisions, where he has earned numerous championships. In 2012, he placed in the GO Tulsa Charity Grand Prix.  Bred and raised by October Hill

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Fleeceworks Cinco aka Cinco OHF

Date of Birth:
Breed: Holsteiner
Pedigree: Cascani / Contender / Fantast

Comments: In his 4 year old year, Cinco, with Tamra Smith on board, won the YEH 4-year-old West Coast Championships at Twin Rivers.  As a 5-year-old, Cinco won each of his three YEH qualifying events at Twin Rivers, Galway Downs and Rebecca Farm, where 30 horses competed in the division. He then capped off an amazing season by winning the YEH 5-year-old Championships at Twin Rivers. “He also holds the highest score in the history of the Young Event Horse series,” Tamra Said. “He scored a 92.43 as a 5-year-old at Twin Rivers.”  Bred and raised at October Hill Farm.

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VEX Casiris

Date of Birth: 2010
Breed: Holsteiner
Pedigree: Calido I / Coriano / Contender

Comments: Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!  Congratulations to D. Rosenwasser!    

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