The OHF Difference

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Why Buy from October Hill?

The reason is simple and is stated in our slogan:  Jumpers are our Business.

When we make decisions on breeding mare to stallion or to invest in prospects for the future, our singular goal is to produce a horse that succeeds in jumping sports.  While many other farms breed to meet unfocused or even indistinct demand, our emphasis is on superior pedigree value combined with inborn jumping ability, creating a keen interest among knowledgeable and savvy buyers.

The Basics and Beyond

Our raising and training methods are grounded in good horsemanship and the understanding that each horse is an individual, with unique needs and distinctive character.  From birth until first backing, our youngsters live on sizeable, sloping hillsides, where their directed nutrition plans and self-exercise bestow healthy development on growing bones.

Beginning late in their third year, unpressured but effective methods are used to prepare the young horse for increasing mental and physical demands, with the essential insight that each horse must proceed at his own pace.

As learning grows, our supportive and ongoing management provides appropriate showing experience and exposure to buyers and well-connected agents within the industry.

A History of Success

As you can see on our page full of Superstars, we have grown and developed equine success stories.  Our focus on breeding and capable training for the jumper ring has made us a widely known, go-to resource for buyers and horse owners from all corners of the sporthorse world, including dressage and eventing.

Through our decades of showing success at some of the most competitive venues, we have grown valuable industry connections necessary to compete for sales.

Through our over twelve years of breeding sporthorses, we have produced approved stallions and myriad premium mares and over 100 foals and are well-versed in pedigree and the importance of genetics in performance.

And through our ability to deliver results to satisfied clients, we have a high return rate among buyers looking for their next emerging prospect.

We look forward to hearing from you, to scheduling your visit, and to presenting to you the marvelous horses we have available at October Hill.