Breeding Program

office: 817-341-2012 | fax: 817-596-7574

Through our sizeable sporthorse breeding program, October Hill Farm has produced over 100 foals for ourselves and dozens more for others through semen sales to outside mares. Our lineup of accomplished sporthorse stallions is unparalleled in the industry.

The Importance of Mares

Producing between two and ten foals a year, we always have a first-class selection of prospects from foal to five years of age for our discerning buyers, each born from a well-pedigreed or sport-proven mare. It is our strong conviction that much of a horse’s innate behavior and talent for sport comes through its mother, making the use of skilled and gifted mares of utmost interest to us.

Breeding a Foal of Your Own

Mare Owners who want to breed a special mare of their own can easily book a breeding to our available stallions utilizing easily downloaded contracts from this website. We offer insight on which of our stallions will work best with your mare, and guide you through the process of obtaining a successful pregnancy and healthy foal.

October Hill also offers mare leases and embryo sales on a limited basis. Inquiries can be directed to us via email.