Young Horse Development Program

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You’ve probably heard or read about the following in industry discussions:  concerns about the gap between raising a foal and then getting it to market; discouraged breeders who can’t find quality training and sales opportunities for their young stock; worries that American breeders will never be able to compete against European markets for meaningful sales.

All of these conversations lead to one obvious conclusion…more and better relationships with breeders to develop the potential of American-bred horses, and in doing so, elevate our ability to compete globally.  We know we are breeding great horses, we just aren’t as practiced as other countries at the development system.

Where We Can Help

As breeders who have raised and sold many young horses, and who have helped countless owners through the training process, we know what level of skill and ability it takes to properly nurture the careers of future performers.

Proper and professional training adds value to your young horse, increases its marketability, and provides positive experiences.  October Hill Farm can accommodate both short and long term goals in accordance with your opportunities and needs, but we also advocate a training method that works for each individual, bringing new levels of experience at the right time and pace.

Your Success is Our Success

Owners who have trusted October Hill with their young horses include nationally recognized sport horse breeders, equine hobbyists, venture capitalists, and “backyard” operations with just one foal or two each year.  These owners have witnessed the success of our program and trust in us to provide them with great service and results.

Give us a call to tell us more about your horse and how we can help you develop your plan for success.